Stumbling into the daylight

In a short time, everything is sorted out, she thanks him for his help, says
she owes him a favor.

He jokingly says something about lunch next week, and she casually agrees.
Stunned, he backs out of the office to go back to his desk.

Turning he bumps into an engineer, he looks familiar, but so many do, the
engineer speaks to him by name, looking nervous and jumpy.

They part and he gets on an elevator as the people from corporate are getting

They are all in suits, but appear to be out of place, a cold hardness to their
looks, instead of the normal stuffed suits that come from corporate, maybe
they are the sports type, that work out a lot.......

At his desk, in the zone of comfortability, he resumes the boring day that his
the normal course of his life.

Thinking how great of a distraction it was to help Cindy, wondering if she was
just being nice, or if he'll really have lunch with her next week.

Reaching down to pick up a pen, a flash drive falls out of his shirt pocket.

That's not mine, where did it come from?

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