Stumbling into the daylight

Bumping into the security guard, he apologizes, and makes his way into the HR
area, looking back, he is more nervous, and doesn't notice Cindy walking
toward him, then 'crash'.

He knocks her down on her butt. Catching himself, bent over, apologizing as he
tries to help her back up, awkwardly touching her, trying to assist, but not
touch anywhere inappropriate.

He thinks 'When was the last time I even touched a woman?". Then "If I have to
ask, it's been too long'.

She tells him it's okay, no problem, go wait in her office, and she'll be
right back, just needs to greet someone from corporate.

Thinking, "Great, I am getting fired." as he walks back to her office.

The sweet smell of her perfume lingers in the air.

Glancing around at the pictures on her desk of her dog, her and her dog, her.
Looks like she is single. 'yeah, like I have a chance'.

She comes in, and goes over the issues with her PC, printing problems, etc....

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