Stumbling into the daylight

Stumbling into the daylight, he studies the bus coming towards him as he
approaches the street, for a fleeting instant the thought of stepping in front
of it crosses his mind. With a smirk, he dismisses the thought and continues to his car.

Turning the key and bringing the car to life, he wonders what the rest of the
day will bring, the chaos and annoyances so far have not been encouraging.

Putting the car into first gear, slipping the clutch, and thundering off in
search of more work to be done.

Hoping for it to be more thought provoking than just plodding through
monotonous work that takes more time than brainpower.

As he sits at his desk, wondering what life might be like somewhere else, a
different city, a different job.

Would it be more interesting and exciting?

At this point, anything probably would..........

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